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Essential Oil Boxes

Looking for a better way to package your essential oils? From more secure shipping to visual appeal, our essential oil boxes are the perfect solution. For starters, our boxes are branded for your business. So you don’t have to worry about other companies stealing the spotlight (or your customers)—you can build your brand awareness and enjoy the benefits of being recognized as a unique company. Then there’s the packaging itself. The box is sturdy enough to keep all of your essential oil bottles from crushing during shipment, but it isn’t so large that you’re wasting space in the shipping container or paying more for unnecessary material. Plus, our boxes are designed with visual appeal in mind. Our designs aim to showcase your products’ best features while also creating an eye-catching display on store shelves and at trade shows. And we don’t stop there—we include branding, product information, and special offers right on the box, so your customers don’t even have to open it up to know what they’re getting with each bottle purchase (and what they can expect next time they shop with you). If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with better branding and safer shipping—get a free quote today!

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We can help you create essential oil boxes that fit your essential oil bottles perfectly. We can also handle the personalization of your packaging so that it perfectly reflects your brand. Our process is simple: our expert designers will handle everything from the design to the shipping of the finished product; making sure that everything is just right along the way. The best part? You won’t have to leave your home or office – all of our work happens online! Are you ready to experience all of the benefits that personalized packaging has to offer? We’re ready when you are.

Our expertise includes:

  • Creating bespoke boxes made to fit essential oil bottles
  • Custom box printing options including gold foiling, debossing, and embossing
  • Creating customized boxes for beauty products

Get Different Printing Variations

Here at ECB, we specialize in custom-printed essential oil boxes. Our color- and size-customization options are endless; and we can create any design you want to stand out on the market—and that’s not even counting the benefits of our boxes over those that are plain brown cardboard. 

A professional aesthetic is a must for any brand, where you’re selling essential oils or anything else. At ECB, we don’t just have the ability to print in any color under the sun: we can also print in full color. That means your logo, your product photos, and any slogan or call to action you want can be printed directly on your packaging in a way that looks crisp and clean on every single box. 

And then there’s that extra-special touch: embossing, hot foil stamping, and gold foil. You can use embossing to make your logo pop off the packaging for a tactile effect that customers will love; hot foil stamping for a shiny effect like gold or silver; or gold foil printing for an opulent look unlike any other. All of these features are available in our service.

Unlimited Box Customizations

We are a custom box maker with a wide range of services. Our expertise lies in the creation of boxes with unlimited customization options—all at a low cost. We use state-of-the-art printing and packaging machines to create your essential oil boxes; and we offer free graphic design support to help you create the perfect package for your products.

Our clients are typically essential oil sellers and companies in the beauty industry, but our high-quality boxes are suitable for all kinds of industries, products, and organizations. Whether you sell essential oils or beauty products, or you’re involved in educational institutions, government agencies, NGOs, healthcare organizations, or any other kind of organization that requires a cardboard box for their products, we can assist you with meeting your needs.

Best Boxes For Essential Oil Packaging

ECB is an excellent choice for essential oil companies that want to cut down on costs but not quality. This service lets you print your own custom boxes for all of your essential oils; and you can adjust the size, color, and shape depending on your needs.

Beauty Companies:

If you are a beauty company that sells skincare products with essential oils in them, such as lotions or serums, our boxes are perfect for packaging your products in a way that shows off their vibrant colors and eye-catching textures. We also offer custom design capabilities so you can brand your product however you want.

Health Care Companies:

If your company is focused on health care products with essential oils in them, such as aromatherapy products for diffusers or essential oil mixtures for massage therapists or spas; we will work with you to deliver boxes that get your product safely from point A to point B.

Essential Oil Sellers:

If you are an essential oil seller, whether you sell the oils individually or in predetermined sets, we have options that will help you package and sell them in a way that gets results. Our essential oil boxes are designed to be durable, attractive, and functional—they can carry your oils safely with style and protect them so they don’t break or spill.