15 Creative Packaging Design Trends 2023

With all the packaging design trends coming in and out of the market, it’s hard to know what suits you most. Undoubtedly, the packaging is one of the most important aspects of any product. However, there are many angles you should focus on when it comes to your brand! You can’t even think about a brand uplift if you do not have a trend that you can follow. Put it differently; one must have a clear direction and focus on specific goals. That is how you can grow your packaging company to the next level.

15 Packaging Design Trends to Follow

For your convenience, we have brought you this list of the top 15 packaging trends. You should watch out for these trends and incorporate them into your personalized box. All we want is that you shall not be left in the dust! Just read the following overview of the top trending aspects you did not have in mind before. So, what are we waiting for? Let s start with the first trend you shall follow for ultimate success.

1. Follow the Latest Events Around the Globe

Events are a chance to meet and network with people in your industry, find inspiration, and become better informed. The next few years will bring so many events to choose from that picking where to go can be tricky. You can browse on the internet about any event that is coming near. You can visit online calendars for more information about the festivals and conventions. With proper R&D, you can know more about what events are nearby and according to your taste or profession.

2. The Rise of Packing with Unique Fonts

From elegant to playful, font usage in packaging has never been so popular. Finding your unique voice and translating that into a signature font can help you stand out. For example, explore some typography techniques by following popular links online. You can also join various Facebook groups that are famous for that purpose. You can also seek help and guidance from your designer and layout expert.

3. Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions for Success

Regarding eco-friendly, paperless packaging is about as close as you can get. Packing materials like paper and bubble wrap offer a thin layer of protection against breakages, but they’re also a resource-intensive waste disposal problem. That is why we always recommend following the sustainable packaging design trends. It will also help you gather some more clientele. Many individuals would only buy a product that comes in sustainable or biodegradable packaging. Thus you will also be able to pick some more clients.

4. Optimizing Package Design to the Next Level

Get ahead of the pack by focusing on five key design elements: 

  • Color
  • Texture 
  • Pattern 
  • Material 
  • Shape

Seek to create products that make a statement or a product that feels like an heirloom in your customer’s hands, for example, by incorporating an artisanal pattern, such as herringbone or pebble. It will also contribute to building a new identity for your brand. See what your competitors are doing and what trends they follow for design and layout.

5. Use Transparent Packaging

The trend of transparent packaging is quiet in various industries. The food items are at the top of the list. The average consumer wants to know as much about their food and beverage as possible. Thankfully, one trend towards making your products more transparent involves using clear, windowed packages. This trend can work great for allowing customers to peer inside and get a feel for what they’re buying without exposing what’s inside to light and damaging shelf life.

6. Use QR Codes for Maximum Projection

Including QR codes on product packaging is a fast and free way to popularity. It also provides ease of access to your target audience. It allows customers to access more information about a product in a single QR scan. This could include instructions, recipes, or links to online videos demonstrating how it works. It can even help consumers return their products for recycling. In short, you can include all the essential information in a single QR code that you think is essential for your branding.

7. Eye Catchy Sharp & Loud Colors

Eye-catching, bold and bright colors are a significant packaging design trend. This could be the perfect option depending on your brand and its audience. If you want to attract millennials, they love colorful product packaging. A more subdued color palette might suit you if you have an older demographic. In the same way, you can use colorful designs to attract the female target audience. But the point to remember is the relevance of various colors to your products. Using matching colors will take you a step ahead of your competitors.

8. Save Space with Foldable Packaging

Packaging that can be quickly, inexpensively, and compactly assembled is also an innovative approach. A solid example of foldable packaging is the use of folding cartons. The folded package takes up 95% less storage space than a traditional carton in the form-fill-seal process. If you think this sounds like an old idea, think again. It will not only help you save your space but also help your customers if they want to use your packaging for storage afterward.

9. Funny Illustrations for Packaging Designs

You must follow that trend if you are a producer and manufacturer of kids’ and ladies’ items. Funny animations and characters will add to the popularity. One place where people find a lot of good, amusing packaging design ideas is social media. They have a great community there, and it’s a pretty cool place to go if you want to start brainstorming about different beliefs.

10. Die Cut Window Box

A die-cut window box means your product can be seen in plain sight and grab attention. This is one trend you don’t want to miss out on, as it will be an industry leader. Several companies are opting to use this type of packaging because it allows customers to see the products inside without opening up a package. It also makes for a great display at retail locations and helps retailers present their merchandise in a way that draws more consumers across the store.

11. Abstract Designs

Abstract designs are among some of the newest types in this niche. They are a perfect way to showcase your brand. Abstract designs provide an element of mystery while also drawing attention. If you want to create an elegant environment and intrigue your customers, this trend is a great way to do it! For that, you will have to hire an expert designer.

12. Old World Charm Vintage Packaging

Packaging is a crucial component of any business, big or small. The exterior is part of the marketing campaign and can sway consumers towards a purchase before they have even seen what is inside. Using old-world charm as your inspiration this year? Get your vintage packaging ideas ready with proper research and analysis. You can use filters and effects to transform ordinary designs and layouts into vintage forms.

13. Handmade & Handcrafted Design

Handmade and handcrafted items are an underrepresented type of product. This can be both a benefit and a risk since many people still don’t know how to classify them. But because it’s an up-and-coming trend, you can use this novelty to your advantage. One thing to remember when designing a handmade product is that it should have minimal design work. This might be something like unpolished wood wrapped in twine.

14. Illustration & Collage

That technique is a great way to present your makeup products’ packaging. You can use a collage of pictures instead of a single image. It will be far more eye-catchy than ordinary and conventional designs. In the same way, you can use illustration and handmade drawings to grip the attention of your end users. Once again, it will be an excellent idea for kids’ and ladies’ products.

15. Secure Packaging

Some packaging design trends would never get old or obsolete. Sturdy and safe packaging is one such trend. You can try it whenever you like. New consumers have alot of concerns in this regard. Above all, items you must send through shipments must be sturdy enough to tolerate climate change. No one will like a product that breaks on their way home. A robust packaging solution will always impress your target audience.

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